Nick Cannon Talks Writing For Kanye West & Not Being A Fan Of Drake As An Emcee (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Nick Cannon may catch a lot of criticism for the music he releases, but The Gospel Of Ike Turn Up mixtape creator claims he played a role in helping one of the most celebrated rappers of the 21st Century.

During an interview with The Breakfast Club, Cannon spoke about writing for Kanye West.

“I never wrote no smashes, but I’ve been in the Kanye [writing] camps early on,” stated Cannon.

The Wild ‘N Out host added, “I was there during ‘Gold Digger.’ I wrote that bar for Kanye: ‘We don’t need to stop. I make black history every day. I don’t need a month.’ That was me.”

The conversation shifted to Drake and reports the Toronto rhymer has multiple writers.

“If you put Drake up against somebody bar-for-bar – like if you go off your arsenal not your team’s arsenal, what you got against another person who raps for a living – I’m not going to go with Drake,” said Cannon. “I’m a huge Drake fan. Probably one of the biggest… not as an emcee.”

The rapper/actor/entrepreneur did suggest Drake is likely one of the best artists of this generation, but Cannon does not see Champagne Papi as a top lyricist.

Nick does not hold the same opinion about Kanye.

“I have seen Ye be a lyricist. I have battled Ye, freestyle off the top,” Cannon explained. “I just haven’t seen it [from Drake]. We keep talking about it. I’ve seen the Blackberries. I’ve never seen him step up to an emcee.”