Nicki Minaj Accused Of Stealing “Barbie World” Idea From Saweetie

Nicki Minaj

The rapper formerly known as Problem aired out Nicki Minaj for allegedly ripping off Saweetie’s idea for a song.

Jason Martin, the rapper formerly known as Problem, claimed Nicki Minaj stole Saweetie’s idea to sample Aqua’s single “Barbie Girl” for the Barbie movie.

Martin, who worked with Saweetie on a song sampling “Barbie Girl,” detailed his allegations on Twitter and Instagram Live. Martin accused Nicki Minaj of taking Saweetie’s song idea after a proposed collaboration.

“As a writer on this, I can confirm this song and idea was sent to [Nicki Minaj] last year to submit for the Barbie movie,” Problem wrote. “It’s sad to see that the original artist has been pushed off a song that was her idea and was meant for both of them. I have no side in this, but I will be compensated.”

Saweetie previewed her song sampling “Barbie Girl” in late 2022. According to Martin, Nicki Minaj agreed to team up with Saweetie on the track. But Nicki Minaj allegedly bailed on the collaboration and created a new track titled “Barbie World” with Ice Spice. The situation left Martin frustrated and looking for compensation for his work.

“If or when I need to detail the whole way it went down in regards to this Barbie s###, you will understand why all writers need to be compensated with day rates and contracts protecting their intellectual properties the day of,” he wrote. “Hopefully this gets sorted out quietly. But please no I don’t scare easy.”

Listen to Martin’s side of the story below.