EXCLUSIVE: Nicki Minaj’s Husband Claims Rape Accuser Was “Willing Participant”

Kenneth Petty and Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty said he had consensual sex with his rape accuser Jennifer Hough and called her a “willing participant.”

Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty contends he had consensual sex with his rape accuser.

In court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Kenneth Petty insists he didn’t rape Jennifer Hough. Nicki Minaj’s husband also described Hough as a “willing participant” in the incident that occurred over 25 years ago.

“I never raped the Plaintiff and I deny her accusations of rape contained in the Amended Complaint,” he argued. “I also deny all of Plaintiff’s allegations in the Amended Complaint that I committed any improper conduct, sexual abuse and/or sexual assault. The sexual encounter between Plaintiff and I, which occurred 27 years ago, was consensual and Plaintiff was a willing participant.”

Petty denied Hough’s accusations about him forcing her into a home to sexually assault her. Additionally, he claimed the only reason he pleaded guilty was to avoid a harsher sentence.

“I did not force Plaintiff into a house, I did not force Plaintiff to have sex with me and I did not sexually or physically assault Plaintiff in any way,” he declared. “Nor did I ever threaten Plaintiff. I pled guilty to attempted rape, despite my innocence, because I was a scared 16-year-old kid and was told that my sentence would be 20 years to life if I did not plead guilty to attempted rape.

Petty was convicted of first-degree attempted rape in 1995. He was released from prison in 1999 after serving less than four years behind bars.

Hough, who accused Petty of raping her in 1994, is currently suing him and Nicki Minaj for harassment. She says the couple’s been trying to get her to recant the allegations against Petty. Her lawyer even suggested Nicki Minaj and Petty have gang ties to the Makk Balla Brims.

Petty just recently obtained a lawyer to represent him in the harassment case despite Hough filing the lawsuit in August. He said the delay was caused by attorneys trying to price gouge him since he’s Nicki Minaj’s husband.

“I diligently sought to obtain counsel and spoke with a number of lawyers about representing me in this action (my New York lawyer does not do this type of civil litigation),” he said in court documents. “Because, however, I am married to a wealthy celebrity, lawyers I spoke with asked for outrageous fees and sought exorbitant retainers (such as $100,000).”

He added, “During this time, my wife, a co-defendant in this action, also was seeking to obtain counsel and was in the process of retaining Judd Burstein, Esq. to represent her in this action. Mr. Burstein had agreed to help me obtain counsel. Due, however, to a miscommunication between Mr. Burstein and my wife, my wife and I both mistakenly believed that Mr. Burstein had been retained and was looking for counsel for me … After Mr. Burstein was retained by my wife, he referred me to my current counsel. I immediately retained my current counsel and he soon thereafter filed the instant motion.”