Nicki Minaj’s Song “Rich Sex” Could Cost Her $200 Million

Nicki Minaj

A Queens, New York rapper is being sued by a producer who claims she stole his song. 

Nicki Minaj’s#### song “Rich Sex” could end up costing her hundreds of millions of dollars.

The rap star is being sued by another Queen’s rapper known as Brinx Billions. 

According to a lawsuit obtained by, Brinx Billions is suing Nicki for $200 million over claims that she stole the song after he played it for her. 

Brinx Billions, who was once billed as Nicki’s new artist, claims he played the song for her sometime around 2016. The song ended up with Lil Wayne as a guest artist and was also released on her fourth album, Queen.

Brinx Billions says he received no credit for producing the hit song, even though he is listed as a writer according to documents from Performing Rights Organization, ASCAP.

In addition to Nicki Minaj, Brinx Billions is also sewing Young Money Records, Cash Money Records and Universal Music Group.