Nicole Young Claims Dr. Dre Is Refusing To Handover Prenup

Dr. Dre’s bitter divorce war with his ex-wife Nicole Young over control of an $850 million continues to rage on in court. 

Dr. Dre’s estranged wife Nicole Young has demanded the hip-hop mogul hand over the so-called “ironclad” prenuptial agreement that was in place when they wed.

In the latest development of what is turning out to be a bitter divorce battle, Young filed documents accusing her former spouse of “intentionally abusing” the divorce process.

Nicole Young says Dre is mentally abusing her by refusing turn over the prenup – despite the fact the law states he must hand over all relevant financial, business and personal documents.

In her filing, Young – who previously claimed she was pressured into signing the prenup back in 1996 – says that as Dre hasn’t handed over the correct paperwork, she doesn’t know which version of the alleged prenup he’s referring to.

She’s asking the judge to impose a $50,000 sanction against the “Forgot About Dre” star for dragging his heels and is also asking for her ex to be forced to finally turn over the prenup.