Nipsey Hussle’s Neighborhood Nip Foundation Partners With 2024 Los Angeles Marathon

Nipsey Hussle

The marathon continues in a very literal way.

Nipsey Hussle’s brother, Black Sam, is upholding his brother’s activism by teaming up with the Los Angeles Marathon, one of America’s biggest charitable events.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 2024 marathon is set for March 17 and will include the Nipsey-founded Neighborhood Nip Foundation as one of its charity partners. The collaboration will contribute a portion of the event’s proceeds to support the nonprofit organization’s community efforts.

“We are honored to be able to partner with the LA marathon,” Black Sam said. “It means a lot to us because it’s something that Nip spoke about and had an interest in being a part of. He told the whole team about it and how he wanted the brand to do something with the LA Marathon especially since it’s in L.A. Nip actually wanted to run the Marathon. He told us all to get ready and get in shape for it. That’s why it feels so good for this to be coming to fruition.”

Nipsey’s TMC brand will assemble a team of 15 or more for the marathon, with each runner raising funds for the Neighborhood Nip Foundation.

The organization was founded in 2019, not long after the artist was tragically murdered, the foundation supports underprivileged youth through community initiatives.

It’s perfect branding as one of the deceased star’s enduring themes in the music is the concept of the marathon.

The LA Marathon is excited to partner with NNF, with Charity Director Melissa Christian saying, “Nipsey Hussle’s iconic legacy is a beacon of inspiration for everyone in the City of Los Angeles and we are delighted to welcome the Neighborhood Nip Foundation as an official charity partner in March.

“The Los Angeles Marathon is so much more than just a race. It’s a platform to empower communities and this partnership truly embodies that spirit, uniting our neighborhoods in a shared commitment to build a healthier world while celebrating Nipsey Hussle’s enduring legacy of resilience in the city he loved.”

Those interested can register here. The foundation plans to sponsor those unable to cover marathon fees.