NLE Choppa Launches His Own Jewelry Business

The Memphis rapper hopes to tap into his huge fanbase with his latest business venture.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper NLE Choppa is expanding his brand by dropping his own jewelry collection

The Memphis rapper has teamed with King Ice, an LA-based streetwear jewelry brand to develop his collection, with many of the design elements originating NLE Choppa himself.

NLE Choppa has generated hundreds of millions of views on Youtube and music streaming platforms in a short span with tracks like “Shotta Flow” establishing him as one of the top emerging artists in music today.

His capsule collection features five pendants and one bracelet, incorporating themes and symbols inspired by Choppa and his label, No Love Entertainment.

NLE Choppa’s made a wide-ranging variety of affordable jewelry with 3D design and 14K gold coating, with handset stones at $100.

The line also includes custom 14K gold pieces with genuine priced between $5,500 – $15,000.