Noah “40” Shebib Found Silver Lining In Pusha T’s MS Diss

40 is determined to turn and insulting Pusha T diss about his battle with Multiple Sclerosis into a positive.

(AllHipHop News) Drake’s producer pal Noah ’40’ Shebib was determined to find the positives in Pusha T’s stinging rap about his multiple sclerosis battle, even though the deeply personal attack crossed a line.

Pusha dragged 40 into his Hip-Hop feud with Drake in 2018, when he released “The Story of Adidon,” in which the former The Clipse star mocked the producer for his potentially disabling health condition.

After alleging Drake had a secret child, he added, “OVO 40 hunches over like he’s 80/Tick, tick, tick/How much time he got?/That man is sick, sick, sick.”

At the time, 40 tried to avoid the drama by simply responding to the lyrical shot on Twitter by highlighting the fact the tune premiered on the eve of America’s National MS Awareness Day.

Now he has opened up about the controversy in a rare interview with Rolling Stone, admitting the pointed lyrics made him feel “like s##t, for sure.”

“I guess all I’ll say is that was just a different thing for me,” 40 explained of having his private life pushed into the spotlight. “Different than a bar that he gets off. No real comment. I made my comment. It was National MS Awareness Day.”

The 37-year-old, who was diagnosed when he was just 22, went on to insist “of course” Pusha crossed a line with the lyrical jab, adding, “That was something different than a bar in a song. That’s cool, I barely know that guy.”

“Ultimately, I like turning things into positive situations or brighter sides,” he continued. “And if that brings awareness to my disease on a bigger level, I was happy about that. That’s what I used it for. That ultimately is a good thing for me.”