NYC Gang Documentary “Rubble Kings” Available For Download As BitTorrent Bundle


(AllHipHop News) The rise of Hip Hop culture was partially centered around creating an alternative to the gang mentality sweeping across sections of New York City in the early 1970’s. “Hip Hop came out of gang culture into the culture of music,” relayed rap pioneer Melle Mel to in 2013.

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Part of that emergence of a musical outlet grew from the highly important Hoe Avenue Peace Treaty in December 1971. The meeting of rival gangs was an attempt to quell the violence consuming the streets of The Bronx. That historic moment of peace has been captured in the new documentary Rubble Kings.

The Shan Nicholson-directed, John Leguizamo-narrated film provides first hand accounts and original footage of the 70’s street gangs. “Yellow” Benjy Melendez, Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc, Red Alert, Joe Conzo, Blackie, Carlos “Karate Charlie” Suarez, D.S.R, Ed Koch, Felipe Luciano, Harlem Cody, Jazzy Jay, Jee Sanchez, Lorine, Marshall Berman, Nono, Rolando Ruiz, and Topaz are all featured in the doc.

Rubble Kings debuted in theaters on June 19. The 68-minute movie is also available for download as a BitTorrent Bundle. The $9.99 package includes exclusive video content and photographs. The film can be streamed for $4.99 at

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Watch the trailer for Rubble Kings and download the BitTorrent Bundle below.

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