NYPD Bans Casanova and Other “Violent” Rappers From Performing At Rolling Loud

Casanova, Don Q and some other popular New York rappers are being accused of inciting violence, and have been banned from Rolling Loud.

(AllHipHop News) Brooklyn rapper Casanova is speaking out against the NYPD after he was banned from Rolling Loud.

Casanova is one of almost three dozen acts who are hitting the stage for Rolling Loud NYC this weekend at Citi Field.

But the City of New York and Assistant Police Chief Martin Morales ordered the organizers of Rolling Loud to ban Casanova, Don Q, Pop Smoke, 22GZ and Sheff G from getting on stage.

“The above-listed performers have been affiliated with recent acts of violence citywide,” the City of New York wrote in a letter obtained by TMZ.com

The NYPD is concerned each one of the artists mentioned could cause violence to break out in the crowd if they were to perform.

Casanova denied being involved in any acts of violence and said that he has been squeaky clean since 2007.


“I JUST WANNA LIVE. My last felony conviction was 2007. I lost everything I ever loved and I’m STILL losing. So much so that ‘they’ won’t allow me to perform at Rolling Loud NYC on Sunday,” Casanova fumed. “It’s unfair and unfortunate that my past, which I’ve dealt with legally and personally, continues to stigmatize me and my career as a recording artist. I’m at war with my past and the scars that they still leave on me everyday.

Don Q was also baffled as to why he was canceled since he’s never been involved in any gang activity.

“I love my city and I never been in any gang activities or never had issues at any of my previous shows,” Don Q said. “I hope the city will wake up and see that cancelling me and my fellow NY artists isn’t the solution, we just love what we do and want to perform for our fans,” Don Q said.

Sheff G was also heated he would not be able to perform at Rolling Loud this year.