NYPD Mayor Eric Adams Under Fire Regarding Cardi B Invitation

The issue is that the rapper is a convicted felons.

The media tried to jam up New York’s mayor, Eric Adams for NYPD’s former Chief of Training and now the city’s new Probation Commissioner Juanita Holmes’s decision to not tell NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell she was bringing Cardi B in to talk to a Feb. 24 NYPD “Girls Talk” event at the police academy.

When asked about not just the lack of communication, but the decision, he said this  “was a continuation of what this commissioner has done. This is her style,” the Daily News reports.

People still pushed him on her going over her superior’s head to bring the rap star, who has been connected to some criminality— including affiliation with the Blood gang, in to speak with members of the force.

He said, “When she was a chief, and now as commissioner, she respects the chain of command. So I don’t have any worries because no one is being rewarded that’s broke the chain of command.”

During the press conference at City Hall, he actually joked about the flub, “The only disappointing aspect of you having Cardi B was that I wasn’t invited. The same reason you brought Cardi B is why people voted for me — because I was arrested. You don’t discard people.”

A few other voices have come out against the decision to have the Grammy-winning artist meet with the cadets.  One is Sal Greco, who said the invitation violated NYPD Patrol Guide which has a rule that bars police from associating with convicted felons.