Pacman Jones Says Fight Started As Bouncer Stopped Him From Requesting Songs By Young Thug, Lil Baby And DaBaby

Pacman Jones

Pacman Jones is in some big trouble in Cincinnati, for beating a security guard unconscious at a nightclub. 

Former NFL star, sometimes rapper/Hip-Hop label exec Adam “Pacman” Jones is back in trouble.

According to WCPO Channel 9 in Cincinnati, Pacman was collared early this morning (February 15th) after a vicious assault at the Clutch OTR nightclub.

Pacman said his issues with a security guard who is known for having a bad attitude. Pacman told The Pat McAfee Show that one of his bouncer friends had thrown the bodyguard out of a competitive club last week, for being sloppy drunk, so he thinks the guy was out for revenge.

Pacman said he was at the DJ booth requesting songs by Young Thug, DaBaby, Lil Baby and Jaquees when thing jumped off. According Pacman, the bouncer told everyone it was time to leave the club, as had his back turned, talking to the DJ.

When turned around, the bouncer and Pacman’s little brother were already on the floor scrapping.

“When I turn around they already on the floor. So I separate them and he said ‘hey y’all want a m############ fight? Before you say ‘y’all want a m############ fight’ that’s when punches and chairs, whatever they were throwing. And personally Pat, I’m done fighting bro like unless somebody want to pay me and I’m cool with it. I’ll fight any celebrity 169,170, but man I got kids, I got so much other s### that I’m working on besides me beating a m########### up the club,” Pacman Jones explained.

The security guard reportedly lost consciousness during the fight. The former NFL pro was immediately arrested, and charged with a misdemeanor assault.

He denied he was drunk, and noted he was not charged with public intoxication, because he was sober.

Pacman played for the Tennessee Titans, the Dallas Cowboys, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Denver Broncos before he retired in May of 2019. He also has a lengthy criminal record, over incidents in Nashville, Tennessee, Las Vegas, and Cincinnati.


Pacman’s last run-in with the law happened in 2019 when he was busted for disorderly conduct at the Rising Star Casino in Indiana after he was accused of cheating at a table.

In addition to being a standout NFL player, Pacman launched his own Hip-Hop label national Street League records, in 2007. He was in a group on his record label, named Posterboyz.

In 2014, Pacman threatened to beat up Ludacris, after the Atlanta rapper posted a pic on IG that included a photo of a plus-sized woman on a man’s shoulder in a pool, a shot of Jones in a neck brace, and a caption that read, “#nowthatsludicrous.”

Jones didn’t appreciate Ludacris’ jokes, because he suffered a serious neck injury in 2010. He replied: “nice post, now when I see you I’m beat your a## … Now post that #p###y.”