Papoose Honors DJ Kay Slay At Street Naming Ceremony In Harlem, Confirms “Rolling 200 Deep” Release Date 

DJ Kay Slay

Papoose promised to carry on the legacy of the late great DJ Kay Slay at the unveiling of an honorary street sign in Harlem.

Papoose paid tribute to the legendary DJ Kay Slay during a posthumous street-naming ceremony in Harlem during a weekend of celebrations for Hip-Hop’s 50th birthday.  

The honorary street sign was unveiled Sunday (August 13) in the DJ’s native Harlem. Family and friends gathered to see the big reveal alongside fellow NYC icons Busta Rhymes, Papoose and Remy Ma, among others.  

The head of Hip-Hop at TuneCore honored his longtime friend and collaborator DJ Kay Slay and promised to carry on his legacy during an uplifting speech at the unveiling.

“I just want to recognize his achievements and all of the great things he did and what he stood for,” Papoose began. “I’m definitely here to carry on the legacy of my brother because I know he would have did the same thing for me.” 

He then thanked LL Cool J for allowing him to take over Slay’s iconic radio show The Drama Hour. The show relaunched on the Rock The Bells station Friday (August 11).

Papoose continued, praising DJ Kay Slay for launching and revving rappers’ careers on The Drama Hour.  

“When their career was on that respirator and they needed to get hot again they had to come back to Slay. Because they know he was authentic,” he added. “Slay didn’t play that popularity contest, he didn’t care about politics. That’s why he was who he was.” 

Papoose Confirms DJ Kay Slay’s “Rolling 200 Deep”

Elsewhere during his tribute, Papoose confirmed Kay Slay the rumor DJ Kay Slay had been curating a follow-up to his 2021 mega-posse cut Rolling 110 Deep. Pap announced Rolling 200 Deep, featuring a mind-blowing 200 MCs, will be released next month.  

“He wanted to see that 200 Deep come out,” Papoose explained. “Slay gave me my first opportunity. Now that I’m head of Hip-Hop at TuneCore I’m going to make sure that happens. September 15th, we releasing 200 Deep.”

Checkout a clip of Papoose’s speech below and watch highlights from the ceremony at the end of the page. 

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