Pardison Fontaine Says Black Americans Should Not Have To Pay Taxes

The “Backin’ It Up” emcee suggests “America really on some sh*t.”

Monday, April 18 is the National Tax Day for 2022 in the United States. That is the last date Americans have to file iirndividual income tax to the federal government.

New York-raised rapper Jordan “Pardison Fontaine” Thorpe believes Black Americans should be exempt from being taxpayers. He took to Twitter to explain his viewpoint on not paying taxes.

“Black [people] shouldn’t have to pay taxes… We built this whole s### for free,” tweeted Pardison Fontaine on Wednesday, January 19.

The Under8ed project creator added, “I really feel like it’s the least they could do… every other group [received] some type of reparation for [their] injustice… not us tho.”

Pardison Fontaine further expounded on his thoughts about taxes in subsequent tweets. According to the 32-year-old emcee, even purchases at fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s should be tax-free for African-Americans.

“[And] I mean no tax on nothing either McDouble 99¢… that’s all you get [f### outta here] with the $1.06 s###,” posted Pardison Fontaine. “Might [because] it’s [getting] close to February and my ancestors getting riled up… but America really on some s###.”

Pardison Fontaine is best known for singles such as “Oyyy,” “Rodman,” “Backin’ It Up” featuring Cardi B, and “Peach” featuring City Girls. The Grammy winner also made headlines in recent years for his romantic relationship with Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion.