Party With Toosii And YK Osiris Shot Up, Rapper Maced, Hundreds Run For Their Lives


A party at a local skate center turned into chaos when gunmen let off shots in a parking lot full of teenagers. 

A party hosted by rapper Toosii and YK Osiris went left last night in Jacksonville.

The rappers were hosting a concert at the Sk8 City Fun Zone near the Regency Square Mall last night (December 27th) when a shootout erupted. 

The cops said thousands of teenagers had gathered to witness the pair when the shooting broke out sending hundreds of people running for their lives. 

Witnesses said police responded with a huge show of force, in an attempt to quell the disturbance. 

 “Chaos. People running around everywhere. After that, the crowd dispersed. Then police came out with AR’s,” one witness told local CBS 47. 

Thankfully, there have been no reports of injuries, other than Toosii himself, who ended up being maced by the police who responded to the scene.

“Last night at my show in Jacksonville, Florida I got maced for no reason at all along with several of my fans (young fans),” the rapper said. “They shut it down because of capacity so I went outside to greet everyone and this is what happened. I love y’all and f### them i’ll be back.”

Witnesses said two people were handcuffed and placed in the back of the squad car, although it is unclear if the two people were involved in the shooting or charged in the incident. 

Toosii’s last post on Instagram two days ago featured him in a Triller video flashing and glorifying two semi-automatic weapons.