Patrick Beverley Puts $1M Bet On The Line For Aye Verb vs Rone Rap Battle 

Patrick Beverley Aye Verb Rone

Patrick Beverley and Rashad McCants are wiling to put $1 million on the line for a rap battle between Aye Verb and Rone. 

Patrick Beverley and Rashad McCants are betting $1 million for a rap battle between Aye Verb and Rone. 

Beverley has so much faith in his podcast co-host Rone’s battle rapping ability that he offered the whopping sum to anybody who could beat him. Thankfully, the retired NBA veteran has friends with deep pockets willing to place high stakes bets and instantly found a challenger.  

Pat Bev appeared on the latest episode of Gilbert Arenas’ podcast, where the discussion turned to Rone. “I’ll put a $1 million behind anybody that wanna freestyle him,” Beverly offered. “Right now.” 

Without skipping a beat, former NBA athlete Rashad McCants shot back with the name of a St. Louis battle rap legend. “Aye Verb,” he replied before telling Beverley to “Just line it up.” 

Despite taking a backseat from battle rap in recent years, the former King of the Dot champ isn’t ducking any wreck. “Set it up,” Rone replied.  

Aye Verb, who recently hosted McCants on the debut episode of his podcast, reacted to the challenge on X (Twitter). 

“I’ll be looking forward to doing that,” Verb said of battling Rone. “A million is on the floor.” 

He added, “They gonna make it a big production. We might put a card together, give some people a chance to make them some money, get some visibility around some higher power s###.” 

Battle rap fans shared their predictions on social media. “For a million dollars that Old Verb gone come out I can hear now ‘So it’s SHOWTIME’ and Verb gone 3-0 Rone,” one person wrote. “Rone smoking Verb,” added another. 

Branding the clash “A battle I never knew I needed,” fellow former KOTD champ Real Deal said Rone is “so damn dangerous man.” He also dubbed Verb “a monster.”