PCP Smoking Bandit Who Stole $3 Million Of Drake’s Jewels Is Going To Jail


(AllHipHop News) The guy who managed to sneak onto Drake’s tour bus and rob the rapper of millions will pay dearly for his crime.

Footage of Drake flipping out backstage before a concert in Phoenix went viral last September.

The clip captures the rapper’s heated reaction after learning $3 million worth of jewelry that was in a briefcase on his tour bus, had gone missing.

Police eventually linked Travion King to the crime, after he got high on PCP, and crawled into an ASU student’s be

He offered to “eat out” the terrified student, because he had never been with a “white girl.”

Police caught King after he
fled the student’s room and found him with the briefcase.

According to TMZ.com Travion King has been sentenced to a year in the Maricopa County Jail.

In addition to his time in jail, King must complete another five years worth of probation.