Performance Artist Mad At Jay Z Over “Picasso Baby” Deal

Jay Z has a new Beef.

Marina Abramović, the famed performance artist, is angry at Jay Z, alleging that the Hip-Hop mogul used her for his rap video “Picasso Baby.”

The the Serbian artist said that her appearance was contingent on Jay Z donating to her institute when the song premiered two years ago.

The artist told Spike magazine that she was “p#####” at Jay Z for not giving as he allegedly promised. Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film was partially inspired by Abramović’s 2010 performance The Artist is Present. In the “Picasso Baby” video, Jay Z rapped the song for six hours, whereas Abramović didn’t move for 736 hours at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

“He adapted my work under one condition: That he would help my institute, which he didn’t,” the 68-year-old artist said. “In the end it was only a one-way transaction. I will never do it again.”
She maintains she was “completely used” by Jay Z.

Neither Roc Nation of Jay Z has commented on Abramović’s allegations.