Phora’s Management Issues A Statement On Rapper’s Mental Health

Thankfully, Phora is still alive but he’s struggling mentally, according to his management.

(AllHipHop News) Four days ago, Hip-Hop was prepared to mourn another promising talent.

Rumors emerged saying that Phora, a 25-year-old-rapper from, had killed himself earlier this week.

Thankfully, Phora is alive, but the rumor did not come from just anywhere.

Phora himself posted a vague post that would seem to be a suicide note from the rap star alongside a blacked image box, that said “Can’t do this anymore. I give up.”

His Insta Stories created just as much alarm, as he posted prose saying, “I’m over everything. F### the album. F### music. F### Everything. Nothing Matters anymore and I’m okay with it.”

He continues, “To the fans, I’m sorry for letting you down. I did what the f### I could. But this music s### doesn’t matter when you’re dying inside as a person.”

“My Heart is in Pain and Everything I’ve been thru these last few months can’t deal with. I don’t want to feel. I don’t want to be here. I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry everyone. I’m done.”

He also went live and his behavior, as reported by fans, was also disturbing. He was drinking heavily and started a fight. His fans were very concerned.

Then his friends joined in posting that this is a serious situation.

Management contends that the artist has been dealing with severe depression and was not acting out to promote his new single, which came out days later. “Phora was not a publicity stunt for his album.”

He has had issues before, almost leaving him at death’s door. Phora was stabbed at 15 during an ambush on his way to school.

Then five years ago, almost to the date of this recent incident, he was driving his girlfriend home on the Pasadena freeway when someone pulled up alongside the couple in a car and blasted three bullets into the rapper’s neck, almost hitting his vertebrae.

There is real trauma that he has been working through.

Management said in a statement that they are working with his family to get him the support he needs.

His new song, “Promises” gives the illusion of a love-struck puppy and has potential. Hopefully, he gets the support he needs now. Hip-Hop does not need another casualty — particularly if we see the warning signs early enough to prevent something bad from happening.