Piers Morgan Goes Hip-Hop With 50 Cent


(AllHipHop News) Queens, New York rapper 50 Cent made a high-profile appearance last night (October 31) on CNN’s talk show “Piers Morgan Tonight.”

Piers Morgan, who took over for legendary journalist/personality Larry King, made a shocking revelation during a lengthy interview with 5o Cent.

Piers Morgan revealed that he’s a fan of hip-hop music, and that he works out to 50s hit single “In Da Club.”

“No one is going to believe me when I say this, but I work out to that song,” Piers Morgan told 50 Cent. “Literally it’s on my iPod. It’s the top of my gym collection. It never fails to get me going. It’s one of the great workout songs ever.”

50 Cent agreed with Piers Morgan and stated that the hit single, which is the most played song on radio in history, is obviously a staple of his performance catalog.

“The problem with that kind of song, Piers, is you got to create something that’s equivalent to it… every day, it’s someone’s birthday, so it’s relevant all over again,” 50 Cent said. “That’s the old reliable. I can’t move the crowd, put it on. It’s going to work.”

50 touched on a number of topics during the interview, including his new anti-bullying book “Playground” and his efforts with his Street King energy shot, which has a program designed to provide meals for 1 billion people who are starving.

In one of the more interesting parts of the interview, Piers Morgan questioned  50 Cent about his father.

According to 50, he has no desire to meet the man who fathered him.

“I never knew my father,” 50 Cent said adding that he was “grateful” that the man has never attempted to contact him, especially since he has become a world famous star.

During the interview 50 also stated that he still has bullet shrapnel in his tongue from a 2000 incident, when the rapper was shot nine times.

“I slur a little bit from time to time. But this is the new voice, the voice that works,” 50 Cent said. “The one that I had before I actually got shot and went through that actual altercation was only strong enough to make people aware of me in the ten-block radius that I grew up in musically. And this voice is the one the world embraces.”