Pleasure P Arrested For Food Fight In Checkers Drive-Thru

Singer Pleasure P became enraged in a Checkers Drive-Thru and allegedly through his order all over an employee.

(AllHipHop News) Reality star/singer Pleasure P was sent to jail early today over beef at a fast-food restaurant.

The day started off bad for the 35-year-old member of R&B group Pretty Ricky when he decided to grab a bite to eat at a local Checkers.

Pleasure P pulled up to the drive-thru window and quickly became irate with an employee who was trying to take his order.

After several minutes of yelling through the intercom Pleasure P allegedly pulled up to the window in a rage.

When it came time to pay for his $60 order, Pleasure P allegedly attacked the worker and threw his food all over the female victim.

When the police arrived, they noticed food all over the floor where several employees confirmed the altercation.

The cops question to Pleasure P, who was allegedly admitting an odor of alcohol.

Pleasure P was arrested and sent to the Miami-Dade county jail, and he was released shortly after being booked.

Pleasure P’s rocky relationship with his Pretty Ricky group members was chronicled on season 2 “Love & Hip Hop: Miami.”