PnB Rock Loses Millions After Another Rapper Gets The Rights To “Everyday We Lit” 

PnB Rock

PnB Rock and producer The Jenius are out of millions thanks to a rapper named Rackboy Cam, who claimed they stole his song “Everything Be Lit.” 

Rapper PnB Rock just lost a few millions he would have earned for his verse on YFN Lucci’s smashing single, “Everyday We Lit.”

In March of 2018, a rapper named Rackboy Cam sued YFN Lucci for stealing the popular song “Everyday We Lit,” claiming the Atlanta rapper simply stole his song and made some minor changes. 

Rackboy Cam released his song called “Everything Be Lit” featuring PnB Rock in December of 2016 and said his song was simply stolen not too long after he dropped his version. 

In addition to YFN Lucci, Rackboy Cam sued PnB Rock, producer The Jenius, and Think It’s A Game Records. 

And now, Rackboy Cam is cashing in according to

Rackboy Cam had already settled with YFN Lucci over the copyright infringement claim, and he was recently rewarded a fortune, which will come out of PnB Rock and The Jenius’ pockets. 

Last week, a judge awarded Rackboy Cam a whopping $1,447,720 big ones, because PnB Rock and The Jenius never even bothered to reply to the lawsuit. 

The judge gave Rackboy Cam PnB Rock and The Jenius’ 50 % songwriters shares on “Everyday We Lit,” and he gets the same from the remix featuring Lil Yachty and Wiz Khalifa.