PnB Rock Reveals He Doesn’t Make Money Off His Music

PnB Rock

The Philly just revealed his music career is not paying him – at all!

Philadelphia rapper PNB Rock has taken to Instagram to express his disdain with his label, claiming he should have never signed his contract with a record company.

“Wish somebody woulda sat n told me not to take the deal, I don’t make money off my music I got paper still 🤷🏽‍♂️” he captioned the video. 

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PnB Rock also wanted his fans to know that he still has goo gobs of money by flexing in a video with “racks” of money cupped in his arm. Maybe recent posts to Twitter, lyrics of one of his newest songs, might address his label issues.

“Everybody think they know me now.”

“I got enemies tryna smoke me now.”

“I got record labels tryna slow me down.”

“Say you luv me then you gotta show me now.”

“Ain’t my braddah den please do not bro me now”

The lyrics are the chorus to the song in this clip:

PnB Rock could also be referencing a recent lawsuit that he lost against New Jersey rapper Rackboy Cam just a few days ago. 

Cam sued PNB and YFN Lucci and won a $1.7 million infringement case. The case focused on the independent artist’s 2016 song “Everything Be Lit.” It is alleged that PNB and Lucci bit his song when making their Billboard chart-topping hit, “Everyday We Lit.”

The judge, Hon. Charles A. Pannell Jr., believed that the chorus of Lucci’s song was very similar to the one sung by Brooklyn emcee Maino. 

The NJ Advance Media reported, that under the terms of the judgment, Rackboy Cam will get $1.445 million, writer’s credit for royalties at 50% in perpetuity from both YFN Lucci and PNB Rock, and received what is called “pre-judgment interest” of 6.25% for the three years since he filed the lawsuit.

All of his legal fees are added to the $1.7 million hit.