PnB Rock Shot In Los Angeles; Graphic Video Of Aftermath Goes Viral

PNB Rock

A disturbing video of PnB Rock surfaced on a social media after the rapper was shot during an attempted robbery in Los Angeles.

PnB Rock was shot during an attempted robbery in Los Angeles on Monday (September 12).

A graphic video of the aftermath surfaced on social media. AllHipHop has chosen to not share the video due to the disturbing nature of the footage.

Video footage caught the rapper in a pool of blood, twitching and clinging to life as he was surrounded by a group of bystanders and an employee. His injuries appeared to be severe based on the amount of blood he lost.

Unsubstantiated rumors claimed PnB Rock was dead while others suggested he was in critical condition. So far, his actual condition hasn’t been publicly revealed.

PnB Rock is a victim of a soaring crime wave in Los Angeles. Homicides have reached the highest level in 15 years. Last week, rapper Wakko The Kidd was shot six times during a robbery. Quando Rondo was involved in a targeted shooting that killed his cousin Lul Pab.

According to LAPD Chief Michel Moore, the rising murder rate is attributed to homicides involving gang members and homeless people being targeted.

PnB Rock and his girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang were at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles when the shooting occurred. According to their social media posts, the two also went out together on Sunday night (September 11).

Several social media users commented on the graphic video spreading online. They expressed concern for PnB Rock’s friends and family while wondering why the footage even existed.

This story is developing.