Police Arrest Man Accused Of Killing Chief Keef’s Artist, Tray Savage

The cops have collard the guy they think killed GBE rapper Tray Savage!

Authorities believe that they have found the man that took the life of Chicago rapper Tray Savage, an artist signed to Chief Keef and the late Fredo Santana’s Glory Boyz Entertainment.

According to the Chicago Tribune the 20-year-old man in question’s name is Demitri Jackson, and he has recently been extradited from Texas to Cook County to stand before a judge regarding the rapper’s death.

He has been identified as the shooter.

On Sunday, April 25th, Jackson had a virtual bail hearing where he was denied the opportunity to post a bond. The Hon. David R. Navarro, the presiding judge, also mandated that he be back in court this week, Friday (April 30).

Tray Savage, whose real name is Kentray Young, was only 27 at the time of his death.

He was murdered last summer, June 19th in the morning. Authorities state that the incident occurred around 11 am on the 8100 block of South Evans Avenue in Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood.

Authorities further connected both Tray Savage and Jackson through their rumored gang affiliation.

They allege that the two were members of the same street gang but do not assert why the conflict (resulting in one death) transpired. Still, they detailed what they’ve pieced together about that day.

First, they said that Tray Savage and Jackson had some sort of conflict while out in the street. The two reportedly went about their ways, but Jackson returned around 15 minutes later and parked his white Mazda SUV on the street where they argued.

Tray Savage also returned and they met up.

Jackson positioned his truck in a way to block the street off from traffic and then started with the gunplay striking Young’s car.

They say that Tray Savage was trying to drive away, but was hit in his neck. The bullet traveled to his shoulders and ultimately caused his death.

Jackson fled and his SUV was found the next day burning in an alley.

Surveillance from a local convenience store helped the police identify Jackson, who had had previous run-ins with the police a few years earlier.

Jackson is now facing sentencing of his natural life in prison should be convicted of Young’s murder.