Politician In Georgia Facing Arrest Over Rap Video

A guy running for D.A. in Georgia played himself in an attempt to get the black vote, but he ended up in cuffs instead.

(AllHipHop News) When posing goes wrong … Now let’s see if this politician, Mark Jones who is running for Georgia district attorney for the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit, is really about that life that the constituents he is trying to impress live each and every day.

Jones recently tried to pander to the young Black vote by doing a pretty cool rap video styled commercial for his campaign.

The 55-second video was meant to get folk out to the polls for the June 9 Democratic primary. With a trap track scoring his advertisement, he had some local rappers spitting fire about how he is basically the “people’s champ” and will legalize weed for them should he be elected.

Brown folk are bouncing and rocking in basic hood uniforms, while he looks lily-white in a blue suit and red tie. Still, he vibing with them.

JawGaBoi’s bars were convincing: “Freedom and legalize weed, the people’s DA who we need … He on the ballot, he gon’ be preaching and talking about it. He ’bout that action. Who? Mark Jones.”

Then, in a creative cut, you see a car spinning donuts in a quick cut of the video … you know to add that authentic homeboy vibe … and his opponent took that opportunity to bash him something lovely.

Now Jones is wanted on four felony and two misdemeanor warrants. One of the charges is because his campaign failed to get a permit to shoot in a parking lot at the Columbus Civic Center.

According to Sgt. Katina Williams, the charges also include “conspiracy to commit criminal damage to property, conspiracy to commit interference with government property and conspiracy to commit reckless conduct.”

According to the New York Post, Jones’ lawyers say that he is in the “process of turning himself” into police.

“After examining the facts and evidence, it is clear that the charges involved in this case are fabricated,” attorney Christopher Breault said on Facebook. “A false narrative is being pushed by some in the mainstream media and their friends in the legal community.”