Polo G Family Feud Update: Mom Files Restraining Order Against Her Daughter After Shooting

Polo G

Polo G is dealing with a major feud between his mother and sister. His mom, Stacia Mac, is seeking legal protection against her own daughter!

Polo G continues to deal with a wild family feud as tensions between his mother and sister continue to soar.

According to reports, Polo G’s mother, Stacia Mac, recently filed a domestic violence restraining against Leilani Capalot.

The restraining order follows an incident earlier this month after Stacia Mac claimed she was forced to shoot at her own daughter, who was threatening her during a manic episode.

“Ya damn right I blew that mf!” Polo G’s mom Stacia wrote on Instagram Stories. “I NEVER said I didn’t. I thought it was 16 shots? ANOTHER LIE SHE TOLD and not a tear came out her eye bc she’s manipulative and calculated. Three warning shots to get an unstable person from my home where my baby and grand baby were afraid and upset. While SHE was having a full manic episode! I bet it got her ass off my property.”

As for Leilani, she has made some bitter accusations against her mother as well. She claims Stacia Mac is verbally and physically abusive and jealous.

In the past, Leilani has admitted to having mental health and drinking problems but maintains that her mother constantly provokes her and is usually the aggressor.

Unfortunately, much of the drama has spilled over to social media, where Stacia Mac called out her daughter over the altercations.

Stacia Mac took to social media to post one incident between her and her daughter, claiming the issues have been ongoing for the last two years.

“This is what I’ve dealt with for two years. It hurts. Clearly this was private. This happencd a weck ago. Our family never publically showed it. She needs help it’s not ok no one should ever try to fight their mom. Leilani is 27. I’ve taken care of her her whole life. hurts,” Stacia Mac wrote.

She also claimed Leilani called the cops on her ex-boyfriend and falsely claimed he was holding her at gunpoint as she hid in the bathroom.

While Leilani and her mother continue to beef, it looks like her bond with her brother, Polo G, remains solid.

In a post on IG in January, Leilani admitted she had some mental health issues but credited Polo G for standing by her side.

“2023 was a really hard year for me! My mental health took a decline. I felt like I was the ugliest version of myself that I had ever been in my life! You never looked at me any different. You spoke life into me. You made me come to Cali to be surrounded by love and support and with you I know I’m never alone,” Leilani wrote.

However, Polo G’s mother cautioned her son against coddling his sister – and pointed to the plight of their younger brother Taurean “Trench Baby” Bartlett – who was charged with murder in November of 2023.

“Polo you can’t help here if you’re making excuses. You did the same thing with Trench we all see how that worked out. Leave it alone. If I stand on business with my kids stop enabling them.”

The rapper’s mother even labeled Polo G a “goofy” for supporting his sister.

“You won’t care til your sister crash out like your brother, bc when I told them better you enabled the b########.”

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