Pop Smoke’s Final Moments Recounted In Heartbreaking Testimony

Pop Smoke

A witness to Pop Smoke’s murder testified about the late rappers final moments on earth.

The woman found in the room with Pop Smoke during his last moments told law enforcement details regarding the invasion and murder that took his life last year.

The witness’s testimony was released during the preliminary hearing for a suspect named Corey Walker in Los Angeles to determine if he will go to trial for the death of the Brooklyn-born rap star.

Detective Christian Carrasco took the stand and testified that Pop Smoke (whose real name is Bashar Jackson) and an unnamed woman, were hanging out in an Airbnb in Los Angeles, CA, celebrating the release of his new chart-topping album.

BREAKING NEWS: Pop Smoke Shot And Killed

A man came in through the window and told the woman, “Shut the f### up. Do you want to die?” He did this and held a black semiautomatic firearm to the forehead.

At this time, Pop Smoke was taking a shower in the adjoining bathroom. Two other men kicked him and possibly stole his gold watch.

Carrasco continued: “She heard a struggle coming from the shower area and heard Mr. Jackson screaming. Mr. Jackson ran out of the bathroom and then she heard a loud pop and [heard] Mr. Jackson fall to the ground … Two other individuals began to kick him. Mr. Jackson gets up and run downstairs. She hears two more pops,” Carrasco said while on the stand.

Pop Smoke’s mom, Rev. Audrey Jackson, listened to the testimony and was visibly disturbed.

Reports said, she just leaned in, rocked, and shook her head. It was also revealed, via his death certificate, that he had major surgery called a “left thoracotomy,” but could not be saved.