Post Malone Trying To Shake Off Legal Mess Over Ex-GF’s Abuse Allegations

Post Malone

Post Malone remained embroiled in a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend’s former lawyers, who claim to have proof he abused her.

Post Malone struggled to resolve a lawsuit stemming from his alleged abuse of an ex-girlfriend. According to The Blast, the diamond-selling artist continued to battle his ex’s lawyers as a California court refused to dismiss the case against him.

“The Court learns that the settlement has not yet been finalized and therefore continues today’s hearing,” read court documents dated June 14.

Post Malone’s ex Ashlen Diaz recruited Martorell Law to sue the Republic Records singer for abusing her. Attorneys claimed the hitmaker convinced Diaz to drop them in exchange for a $350,000 settlement. Martorell Law sued the former couple for preventing the law firm from receiving a commission for its work on Diaz’s case in 2022.

Martorell Law told the court it settled the matter with Post Malone and Diaz out of court, but the negotiations deal crumbled. The court scheduled another hearing for August 1.

Kodak Black’s lawyer Bradford Cohen criticized Martorell Law when reports of the lawsuit emerged. Cohen said the case was an example of what “disgusting lawyers do” to give attorneys a bad reputation.

“This firm, Martorell Law, at one time, represented Posts ex GF seeking a palimony settlement,” Cohen wrote on Instagram. “She fired them and settled privately with Post. She then requested the Judge to dismiss the case. These guys now sue and say they have texts and pictures to show abuse. I would imagine given to them by their ex client.”

He continued, “They want to get paid for the ‘work’ they did and claim that Post somehow should be responsible for their contingency fee. This lawsuit is idiotic, in my opinion, breaches several legal fiduciary duties and is something that gives attys reputations of being jerks. Nasty move and a nasty way to try and get 100k in fees. Weak lawyering weak case and weak move.”

Last month, Post Malone pivoted to country music with his latest single “I Had Some Help” featuring Morgan Wallen. The song confirmed longstanding expectations that he’d ditch Hip-Hop at some point in his career.