Powerful Manhattan U.S. Attorney Wants To Send “Love & Hip Hop” Star Stevie J. To Jail


(AllHipHop News) Manhattan U.S. attorney Preet Bharara is known for his no-nonsense approach to prosecuting gangsters, criminals and terrorists in New York.

He’s also gone after his share of hip hop artists, targeting James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond, DMX and even a kingpin, linked to Jay Z who was accused of nine murders.

Now, Bharara has his sights set on “Love & Hip Hop” New York star, Stevie J, who’s behind millions of dollars in back child support.

He recently filed documents seeking to send Stevie J to the slammer, for allegedly ignoring court-ordered payments.

Bharara also claims that Stevie J keeps offending the court, by failing multiple drug tests.

The super producer, who has crafted hits for artists like 112, Babyface, New Edition, KRS-One, Jay Z and numerous others, owes the money to his ex, Carol Bennett.

Bennett is a former music-industry executive, who is suing Stevie under the 1992 Child Support Recovery Act.

The law makes it illegal for someone to leave any state in the U.S., owing more than $10,000 worth of child support, for over two years.

Stevie, who is working on a new reality show entitled “Penthouse Pets” and his girlfriend Joseline Hernandez recently celebrated the birth of their daughter Bonnie.

Now, the reality show star is facing at least six months in prison.

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