President Trump Knows How Many Rappers Have Name Checked Him

President Trump revealed how many rappers have named checked him in songs.

(AllHipHop News) Donald Trump admitted he liked the attention he received from the rap community before he was President.

The 45th POTUS sat down for a lengthy interview with Barstool Sports founder, Dave Portnoy outside of The West Wing on Thursday (July 23rd).

In a clip that was released over the weekend, President Trump said he was a big hit with rappers who wanted to emulate his lifestyle – before he became President.

“I was in so many rap songs like 79. This is before I did this,” said President Trump, once threatened to sue Mac Miller over his hit song “Donald Trump.”

According to President Trump, the best day of his life was the day before he announced he was running for President.

Up until then, life was great for Trump, but he blamed the Democrats for ruining the last four years in office, by impeaching him for working with Russia to interfere in the United States elections and putting pressure on Ukraine to do the same.

“It’s a very interesting thing that you say because the best day in my life, in terms of business and life and everything, was the day before he announced the running for President,” Trump said.

“Everything was good. The company was good. I had finished up a lot of jobs that were very successful. And then I said, I want to do this now. I’m really glad I did and I was treated very unfairly with fake Russia, you know, Russia Russia Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine. All that stuff,” President Trump complained.

Take a look at some clips below: