EXCLUSIVE: Priscilla Rainey Claims Game Gave Wack 100 His House; Pursues Publishing Payments

The model chasing Game for $7 million claims the rapper has transferred all of his valuable assets into shell companies controlled by his manager, Cash “Wack 100” Jones.

(AllHipHop News) The woman chasing Game for her $7,000,000 judgment is refusing to let up in an aggressive pursuit of the rap star’s assets.

Her lawyer just filed for a restraining order against Game, in an attempt to prevent him from transferring assets to his manager, Cash “Wack 100” Jones.

Priscilla Rainey claims Game has already transferred a variety of value passes to his manager, including the deed to his house, which was listed as a gift to Wack because he claimed: “the conveyance [was] a bonafide gift, and the grantor received nothing in return.”

She also accuses Wack 100 of creating a company called Pass Go 2 Win, LLC to control the trademark for “The Game.”

“Post-judgment discovery has revealed that Taylor owns almost no assets under his own name, but assigns his interests to receive revenue to his manager, his manager’s company, and other Taylor-owned holding companies,” wrote Michael Jason Lee, who is representing Rainey in the high-stakes legal battle.

Priscilla Rainey won a $7,130,100 default judgment against the Compton rapper, who refused to show up for a trial for a civil suit stemming from his 2015 reality shows “She Got Game.”

Rainey filed the lawsuit after she claimed Game groped her during a taping for an episode of the reality dating show. She won the judgment in November of 2016.

The judge awarded her $1.3 million in compensatory damages, while the punitive damages awarded to Priscilla Rainey came out to over $6 million, due to the Game’s behavior on social media.

Game appealed the ruling, but a judge upheld the verdict in October of 2019.

Game has publicly declared multiple times that he would never pay her penny, while Rainey has accused the rapper of creating shell companies to divert his income.

In March, Priscilla Rainey went after the rapper’s royalties earned from his latest album Born 2 Rap, claiming he released the music under a shell company called L.A. Prolific to divert the money.

In April, a judge awarded Rainey all of the rights to Born 2 Rap and gave her control over the L.A. Prolific “shell company” he allegedly set up as well.

Shortly after that news broke, Game doubled down on his promise to never pay Priscilla Rainey in an Instagram post flaunting cash, while name-checking the hit Netflix documentary, “Tiger King.”

“Y’all been saying she got 7 million for 7 years & yet here I am, laid up tipsy off my 5th quarantini watching Tiger King lol …. they’ll find Carol Baskin’s husband before she ever get a penny from under my carseat….coming up next, a stop by the bank to dump this s##t in…” Game wrote in a since deleted post.

Game’s long-time manager Cash “Wack 100” Jones also replied to the news and admitted he owned all of the publishing for Born 2 Rap, which has caused a new problem for the pair in the ongoing saga.


“Last time I checked #Wack owned all royalties to born to Rap . ‍♂️ ‍♂️ ‍♂️ ‍♂️ ‍♂️ And I don’t owe the b##ch a dime,” Wack 100 proclaimed.

Now Priscilla Rainey’s lawyer is asking for a restraining order preventing Game from giving Wack 100 any more interests in his publishing royalties.

Additionally, Rainey is seeking to confiscate Game’s upcoming royalty payments from BMI this June, derived from 360 of the registered works created under his name as a songwriter and/or composer.

“If Taylor is given any notice or opportunity, he may simply create another legal entity, as he has done before, or assign his rights to receive payments from BMI to Cash Jones,” wrote Michael Jason Lee. “Rainey’s cause will be irreparably prejudiced if this request for a restraining order is heard according to regular noticed motion procedures.”