Prodigy Was Reportedly Working On A Musical About The Illuminati Before His Death


(AllHipHop News) “Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body,” rapped Prodigy on the 1995 LL Cool J song “I Shot Ya (Remix).”

After the news broke of Prodigy’s passing, Kathy Iandoli – the co-author of the emcee’s Commissary Kitchen spoke to Complex about what the Queens native was working on next.

“The one thing we were planning on doing was a musical about the Illuminati and how the obsession with the Illuminati infiltrated people’s opinions of Hip Hop,” said Iandoli.

She added, “We were initially going to do an interactive type of musical with a company that runs The Illuminati Ball, but then we decided to take our idea to an off-Broadway situation. Tell a story with a very specific beginning, middle, and end. But [the story] began with prison; it was semi-autobiographical.”

Prodigy’s music career has included several references to the so-called secret society.

There is a song titled “Illuminati” on his 2008 album H.N.I.C. Pt. 2, and he also covered the topic on his recent The Hegelian Dialectic project.

Earlier this year, the Mobb Deep member spoke to Genius about the Five-Percent Nation, the Nation of Islam, Malachi Z. York, Beyoncé’s “Formation,” and the Illuminati.

“We’re actually at a home of a friend of mine, Cynthia [von Buhler]. She does these immersive plays,” explained Prodigy from the Illuminati Ball House in New York. “I’m actually a part of one of them and we’re working on another one. The original one that we worked on is called The Illuminati Ball. We actually do it here in the house.”

When asked to describe the Illuminati, Prodigy responded, “This dude named Adam Weishaupt started this group of powerful, rich people that basically shape popular opinion and the way the world is gonna move forward.”