Producer Cuban Harry Relinquishes “King of Lean” Title; Says He’s A Junkie


(AllHipHop News) A Hip-Hop producer who once dubbed himself “The King of Lean” on social media is now saying he was nothing but a junkie.

​Producer Cuban Harry, born Harry Garcia, was in a Miami court yesterday (January 23), to face charges that he was a major player in the underworld selling “sizzurp,” which is promethazine mixed with codeine.

Cuban Harry is also charged with racketeering for allegedly masterminding a number of pharmacy heists.

Harry, who is an associate of rappers like Future and Lil Wayne, allegedly targeted the pharmacies to get painkillers, which he used to make his own cough syrup, which he peddled on Instagram.

​”I had an image to portray, to boost up my followers,” Cuban Harry told a judge yesterday during his first hearing. ​”I guess it’s just the music industry.”

​Cuban Harry told the judge that he had never been a drug trafficker, although he couldn’t explain the undercover videos of him selling the “sizzurp” to undercover informants.

​Despite prosecutors allegations, Cuban Harry maintained that he was an addict.

“I can drink a bottle in like two days. It’s easy to get. It just makes you feel sleepy,” Cuban Harry told the court. “It helps you focus. People like it in the studio because when you record your songs, it helps your voice.”

​The 27-year-old producer still will next appear in a Broward Court, to face racketeering charges on the allegations he paid young men to rob Walgreen’s and CVS stores on his behalf.