Producer Sues Tyga Over Song, ‘Molly’


Tyga has been dealing with more legal woes than one man can handle and he has just been hit with another one. According to reports, a producer is suing Tyga and Universal Music Group for not paying him his royalties and for disobeying court orders to stop distributing the song.

The producer, Desmond Mapp better known as Dez Dynamic, supplied the beat for the song “Molly” from Tyga’s 2013 album, Hotel California. It was agreed that he would be paid $5,000 up front and then another $5,000 when the song was turned in for the album. Mapp claims he was never paid his $10,000 or the 3.5 percent of royalties from the album.

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Mapp took T-Raww to court and the judge ruled that the contract they both signed was null and void and that the song should no longer be distributed. The ruling has not been honored and the song is still available in stores and digitally.

Now, Mapp is heading back to court for an injunction against Tyga and Universal Music Group for continuing to distribute the song. He also wants all the royalties he is owed.