Project Blowed Member 2Mex Needs $20K For New Prosthetic Leg

Fellow Visionaries member Key-Kool launched a GoFundMe on Saturday (September 9) in an effort to raise $20,000.

Project Blowed member and veteran West Coast underground Hip-Hop staple 2Mex is in need of some help. Seven years after diabetic complications led to an emergency leg amputation, The Visionaries MC will need to replace his prosthetic. On Saturday (September 9), fellow Visionaries member Key-Kool launched a GoFundMe in an effort to raise enough money to buy 2Mex a new one.

As Key-Kool explained in the description, “Alex has fallen several times recently due to his leg not fitting correctly. Typically prosthetics last for 3 to 5 years, Alex has now has his for 7. Thank you everyone for the continued support for Alex, we are truly grateful for being able to still have our brother here, still being the amazing being that he is.”

He signed the description: “Eternally thankful, Key-Kool on behalf of the Visionaries Zen, Dannu, Rhettmatic, LMNO & 2Mex.”

The goal is set at $20,000 and so far, the fundraiser has collected nearly $4,000. 2Mex released a video requesting some assistance, admitting, “I gotta put my pride to the side and with all humbleness request if you can help spread the word on my GoFundMe ’cause I need a new prosthetic, dude. I have this prosthetic since 2016 and it doesn’t fit anymore. I’ve gotten adjustments to it and still, my leg keeps getting smaller and smaller as I get smaller, and it just doesn’t fit. I keep falling every couple weeks, and it’s embarrassing to keep falling and damaging my legs and knees and falling in front of your parents and just falling on the hot asphalt at Rite-Aid. It’s just embarrassing. I can’t keep falling.”

Born Alejandro Ocana, the Los Angeles native got his start rapping at the Good Life Cafe with The Visionaries and Of Mexican Decent before breaking out on his own. He was also part of the Look Daggers with the late Ikey Owens and The Mind Clouders with producer Mums the Word. His health troubles began in 2016 when he was rushed to the hospital with a blood sugar of over 700 (normal blood sugar is between 80-140). His foot was so infected, doctors informed him his leg would need to be amputated.

“Surgery went ok,” he explained in an Instagram update. “My foot looks like a shark bit through it honestly. Doctor just told me there a 70 percent chance that my foot will be amputated because we don’t want it to go up into my leg. And or kill me. I’ve been on so much morphine that I haven’t been able to see straight for 2 days. Thank u for all the message and love truly. I will deal the future soon and I apologize for not responding. Please send this to my world wide family. I will survive this.”

Not only did 2Mex survive, he thrived. In 2017, he released an album called Lospital featuring Slug of Atmosphere and Ariano, which explored such topics as depression, suicide, self-doubt and perseverance.

“I’m blessed,” he said at the time. “I’m super happy. I’m back to touring again and it’s a good thing. I’m walking and s###. I’m driving. I have a license and insurance. If you knew me, you’d be shocked. I rolled so dirty for so long. The DMV was like, ‘You’re alive?’ The government had no idea I was alive [laughs]. ‘Lospital’ is just a made-up word like, ‘lost in the hospital. That was just my experience. I feel like we can get lost in a hospital because everyone is hurting—not just physically—but they might have lost their insurance or stuff like that. We’re being overwhelmed by too much noise, too many ads, too much medication … I rejected all that s###. I paid for it in pain.”

Those interested in donating to 2Mex’s GoFundMe can head here.