Quality Control CEO P Tells Haters To Stick Snitching Paperwork Up Their A####

Lil Baby and Quality Control CEO Pierre "P" Thomas

Pierre “P” Thomas, the CEO of Quality Control Music, was accused of snitching on a man who killed his friend.

Quality Control CEO Pierre “P” Thomas responded to snitching accusations after his alleged paperwork surfaced online.

YouTuber 1090 Jake detailed how Thomas allegedly snitched on a man named Anterioes Keon McClinton in a video published on Wednesday (May 10). Thomas downplayed the claims and referenced the $300 million sale of Quality Control in an Instagram Stories post.

“I see that [$300 million] got all them hating ass n##### mad back home,” Thomas wrote. “Anybody know me know my character. Our culture so f##### up it’s sad y’all living this imaginary street dream. I’m changing lives and changing my family curse.”

The Quality Control executive didn’t mention McClinton by name but appeared to reference the deadly attack that led to McClinton’s arrest. Thomas allegedly spoke to police and identified McClinton as the man who killed the CEO’s friend Q.

“I don’t got no love for no n#### that try to kill me or mine,” Thomas wrote. “I ain’t in the streets. [Never] wanted to be I played the hand I was dealt and made something out of it, y’all bum ass n##### should do the same. Stop glorifying dumb s###.”

The Quality Control boss continued, “RIP to my dawg Q a innocent man with 5 kids who lost his life to a bum ass n#### who didn’t value his own. I’m a [GOAT] don’t ever confuse me with a [rat]. Now take that fraudulent incident report and stick it up y’all ass. I love my freedom so stop playing with it.”

McClinton reportedly pleaded guilty to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He died several months after his release from prison.