Queen Latifah Addresses Nicki Minaj’s Retirement Announcement

Rapper/actress Queen Latifah speaks on her Hip Hop successor’s future.

(AllHipHop News) Is Nicki Minaj really ready to walk away from the rap game? In a now-deleted tweet, Minaj announced she was retiring in order to start a family. She later returned to Twitter to admit the message was “abrupt” and insensitive.”

Fans of the Queen album creator were confused about the performer’s actual intentions. Some of her followers assumed Nicki was just having a moment of frustration in a public forum.

Fellow iconic rapper Queen Latifah was asked about the possibility of Minaj no longer making music. Latifah seemed unaware that Nicki tweeted about retirement before offering her thoughts on the situation.

“She must be in love and happy. Let her live. She’s been grinding for a long time,” said Latifah. “But once you’re a rapper, you’re always a rapper. She’ll be back. Let her live some life first.”

Queen Latifah recently made her return to wax by rapping on Rapsody’s “Hatshepsut” off the Eve album. The Oscar-nominated actress’ own catalog includes projects such as 1989’s All Hail the Queen, 1993’s Black Reign, and 2009’s Persona.