Queen Naija Faces Backlash For Tweeting About A “Spirit Of Depression”

The ‘Missunderstood’ album creator defends her views about prayer.

R&B singer Queen Naija is currently in the hot seat on social media. The YouTuber-turned-recording artist shared her thoughts about mental health this week, and the responses to her tweet were overwhelmingly negative.

“Last night I felt a spirit of depression trying to come on me and instead of dwelling in it, I commanded it to leave in the name of Jesus. God gave us power, we gotta use it,” wrote Queen Naija on December 28.

While Queen Naija turned off the replies to her tweet, other Twitter users slammed the 26-year-old Detroit native in the quote tweets. As of press time, Naija’s post collected over 1,400 QTs.

“Remember if depression tries to come in without consent it legally cannot. Follow for more legal tips,” tweeted one Twitter user. Another person tweeted, “I command this misinformation about mental health to stop in the name of my last good nerve.”

A person going by JC tweeted, “Girl huh? That’s not how this works. Depression isn’t a spirit, it’s a disorder. You’re just… sad today [I guess]?” Additionally, someone named Dij Saint Laurent joked, “That wasn’t depression. It was heartburn.”

Other users took aim at organized religion. One person wrote, “Calling mental illnesses ‘spirits’ is incredibly damaging. This is the type of thing that made me leave the church.” Yet another individual posted, “Honestly, I see why pastors are swindlers because imagine how easy it is to extract coin from [m############] who are as silly as this.”

Queen Naija Doubles Down On Her Views About Prayer Curing Depression

Queen Naija returned to Twitter in order to respond to the people taking issue with her stance about depression and its connection to religious faith. The Missunderstood album creator offered some words of amends before doubling down on her views about prayer.

“Never meant to offend anyone who goes through depression or any mental illnesses. Those things ARE real, however, I personally believe that there are bad spirits to put you in a bad place. However, I won’t take back that you have to use the power God gives you. To each, their own,” tweeted Queen Naija.

The former American Idol contestant added, “There’s power in prayer, I know first hand. If you don’t believe it tho, it won’t work for you. Oh Ye Little faith 🤷🏽‍♀️… Promise nobody will everrrrrrrr bully me out my faith or talking about it lol.”