Quentin Miller Addresses Allegations He’s Ghostwriting For Drake; Meek Mill Posts More Tweets


(AllHipHop News) The man at the center of the Drake ghostwriting controversy has finally broken his silence. Quentin Miller took to Tumblr to address the week-long discussion surrounding allegations he penned bars for the OVO leader.

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Miller wrote:

Winter 2014… I was just another guy working a job he hated with a passion for music…. And somehow found myself on the phone with One of my idols..

i told him i worked in a bakery and his exact words were “F*ck that, your destined for greatness”…

Hearing that from someone that I’ve been  studying since 2009, bar for bar…. Theres no way to describe that..

Most of the project was done before i came in the picture.. i remember him playing it for me for the first time thinking “Why am I here?” like.. what does he need me for??

The answer is.. Nothing…

I watched this man piece together words in front of me…

I watched him write/ replace bars 2- 3 at a time on 6pm in NY.. I witnessed him light up, go in and freestyle madonna….

I took notes from the best in the game….

I remember him Showing me the thank you notes in NY before the album dropped.. Showing me the QM, telling me they put me on the credits (Ghostwritter???) … He attached  my name to something that touched the world..

When nobody would pay attention, drake saw something in me and reached out… Of all people… drizzy..

Two artist in exact opposite spaces in their career.. We came together and made something special..

I am not and never will be a “ghostwriter” for drake.. Im proud to say that we’ve collaborated .. but i could never take credit for anything other than the few songs we worked on together ..

Thats all i have to say on it.. back to this 1317 s###…

– Q.M.

The post follows Meek Mill igniting the speculation Miller was Drake’s ghostwriter in a series of tweets earlier this week. That was followed by DJ Funkmaster Flex releasing a reference track of the Atlanta rhymer spitting a nearly identical verse as Drake used on “10 Bands.”

OG Maco, a fellow ATL native and self-described friend of Miller, told AllHipHop.com he felt several of the songs on Drake’s latest project If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late were written by Quen. According to Maco, he spoke to Miller about his work with Drizzy.

“We didn’t know the extent of how much he was putting in until we actually heard the album. I didn’t even need to see the credits or him tell me anything. I know how my n*gga raps. I know his style,” said Maco. “As soon as I heard ’10 Bands,’ I was like, ‘Yo, this is all you. What the f*ck?’ He wouldn’t confirm or deny it. It was just like, ‘Yeah, I’m doing something.’ I didn’t say nothing because that’s how he was eating, he was getting his money.”

Miller essentially reinforced the message delivered by longtime Drake producer Noah “40” Shebib. The Toronto beat maker wrote on Twitter, “If your asking if Q contributed to If You’re Reading This this the answer is yes. You can also read that in the credits.”

Neither 40 nor Miller directly talked about the alleged “10 Bands” reference track or Meek’s claim Drake did not write the verse on “R.I.C.O.” off Dreams Worth More Than Money.

Meek sent out a couple of tweets that seemed to be a response to Miller’s letter. The MMG member tweeted, “If you gone tell it all….. Just keep it real and never fraud!” OG Maco clearly responded to Miller’s statement in his own tweets.

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