Questlove Visits Cuba For Goodwill Performance


(AllHipHop News) Drummer/producer Questlove visited the island of Cuba this past week. The Roots member DJed in Havana on April 16 and 17th with the purpose of fostering more cultural exchanges with Cuba’s civil society.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to DJ in Havana” says Questlove. “I’ve been to Cuba before with The Roots and its monumental and humbling to be considered an Ambassador of Hip-Hop to this great nation.”

Questlove performed at the La Fabrica de Arte Cubano in Havana’s Vedado neighborhood. The venue’s founder, X Alfonso, is one of Cuba’s most respected artists.

“What makes Cuba so beautiful is the open mind to all forms of music that permeates from all of its people. It’s a rarity for me to be able to construct a genre-spanning DJ set of 585 songs and have the crowd embrace every single song,” added Quest. “The energy of the crowd reflected the cultural infusion and overall appreciation of music that one should expect when performing in Cuba. I honestly can’t wait to return.”

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