Quincy Jones Says Kendrick Lamar, Common, Ludacris & More Give Him Hope For Music’s Future (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) When an artist gets name dropped by arguably the greatest musical mind that ever lived, he or she should rightly revere the moment.

That is now the case for a few Hip Hop stars because Quincy Jones listed them among the entertainers that give him hope for the future of music.

The icon was asked about the topic during a conversation with JBL’s Yuna.

“I’ll start off with Kendrick Lamar and Bruno Mars. I like Common. I like Ludacris. I like Esperanza Spalding,” said Jones. “Little Joey Alexander, he’s frightening. He’s 13 years old. He plays like Herbie Hancock. It’s beautiful to see these young ones taking music back where it belongs. They are all incredible.”

This was not the first time Kendrick Lamar and Bruno Mars were mentioned by the 79-time Grammy Award winner.

Jones admitted being a fan of Lamar, Mars, and The Weeknd at a May event in Los Angeles.

The 84-year-old producer/performer obviously still pays attention to what’s happening in modern music, but his own career is highlighted by collaborations with some of the world’s most accomplished musicians.

Quincy Jones notably helped provide the sound to Michael Jackson’s 1982 masterpiece Thriller, which is the best-selling album in history.