R. Kelly Is Dead Broke And Overweight

R. Kelly

R. Kelly’s lawyer appeared at a hearing yesterday to reveal his client was flat broke, and as also gained weight since his arrest!

R. Kelly is so broke he can’t even afford to pay for court transcripts on the eve of his sex trafficking trial.

At a hearing on Tuesday the R&B star’s attorney Devereaux Cannick told Judge Ann Donnelly his client’s finances are “depleted” and asked the court to “give him daily copies of the transcripts.”

Cannick also revealed Kelly has “gained weight” behind bars and needs new clothes for his upcoming trial.

“We need measurements for appropriate attire for his trial,” he said. “We’re trying to get his measurements. How can we take his size?”

Judge Donnelly responded, “I’m not taking his size!”

Meanwhile, prosecutors have been told they will be allowed to present evidence suggesting R. Kelly had “sexual contact” with late singer Aaliyah when she was 13.

The couple wed in 1994 when she was 15.

The trial begins on Monday (August 9) with jury selection and opening statements due to get underway on August.18.

R. Kelly is accused of employing an entourage to find young women and girls at gigs for him to have sex with for years.

He was arrested in Chicago, Illinois in 2019 by the NYPD and federal agents. He faces charges in both cities.

The singer has been behind bars for the past two years. He maintains his innocence.