R. Kelly “Staring Down The Barrel” Of A Life Sentence Says His Lawyer

R. Kelly

Seems like the court is ready to try the singer for allegedly messing with underaged girls.

Disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly will be going back to trial to face charges connected to inappropriate sexual conduct with girls (and possibly guys). 

The Grammy award-winner, who is already serving time in New York, will return to his hometown of Chicago, where a federal court will determine his fate.

According to Radar Online, a date has been set for August 1st, 2022, for Robert Kelly’s federal sex crimes, child pornography, and obstruction of justice trial, which could get him life in prison.

The artist’s lawyer Jennifer Bonjean had asked U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber to extend him a three-month delay in the legal proceedings, but that request was denied.

Bonjean, the attorney who also represented Bill Cosby and helped him return home on a technicality, received the denial on Tuesday, May 10th, during a telephone conference.

The delay request centered around the legal team being unprepared. The lawyer said she and her team have an “exorbitant amount of material to digest” in order to be ready. Bonjean also tried to express the urgency of the request, saying the man’s life was on the line.

In a Fox News interview, she said R. Kelly was “looking down the barrel of a life sentence.”

The judge didn’t go for her reasoning, saying, “The problem is, this case has been delayed time and time again.”

“This case is going to have to go to trial.”

Bonjean reportedly has another request still before Leinenweber. She filed a motion to have the judge drop multiple pending charges against the singer. The judge has not moved on that motion as of publishing.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, R. Kelly is currently serving time after a New York federal court convicted him on nine counts of racketeering charges and violations of the Mann Act.

He is still awaiting sentencing for the charges in New York. 

This story is developing.