R. Kelly Says He’s Being Punished In Jail For Being A Celebrity

R. Kelly says he’s being tortured by being stuck in solitary confinement over his celebrity status.

(AllHipHop) Imprisoned singer R. Kelly is suffering behind bars according to his lawyer.

The artist’s lawyer Steve Greenberg just filed a motion in the case, asking a Chicago judge to release R. Kelly from solitary confinement.

According to Greenberg, R. Kelly is being held on the most restrictive floor of Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center prison, due to his celebrity status.

Steve Greenberg said R. Kelly is being treated as if he violated the prison rules since he’s being deprived of basic amenities like a television and the freedom to go outside.

And, interacting with his lawyers to mount a defense to fight the 18 felony charges he is facing for sexual assault has been especially difficult.

According to Greenberg, R. Kelly’s ability to read is very limited and the restrictive conditions are making it hard for him to mount a case.

The latest motion says R. Kelly “has extremely limited literacy” so his lawyers are forced to read the legal documents to him.

“Given that Mr. Kelly is cuffed during these visits, and there is no table, it is impossible for counsel to review documents with him and write notes,” Steve Greenberg” motion reads.

According to reports, R. Kelly has only been allowed to leave his cell one time since he was jailed on July 11, and that was when he traveled to Brooklyn to face more sexual assault charges.

R. Kelly needs as much time as he can possibly get with his lawyers since he’s facing up to 195 years in prison over the allegations.