R. Kelly Sex Victim Wants Singer Jailed Forever

An alleged victim of R. Kelly’s devious sexual appetite believes he should be locked away for good.

(AllHipHop News) One of R. Kelly’s most prominent sex abuse accusers has called on lawmakers to keep him locked up for the rest of his life.

The R&B star, who is currently behind bars on several sexual abuse charges, is bracing himself for the second docu-series based on allegations of his bad behavior and misconduct over the years, which debuted on last night (January 2nd), and now Faith Rodgers insists he “needs to go to jail forever” when he’s sentenced later this year.

”He needs to go to jail forever,” she told CBS News. “There needs to be no getting out, no anything. It hasn’t just been me. It’s a track record. So even if it’s not justice for me, for the next person, that’s good enough.”

Kelly is currently incarcerated and awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking, sexual assault and child pornography.

Faith claims she first began a relationship with Kelly when she was 19.

She filed a lawsuit against the singer in 2018 for alleged sexual battery, false imprisonment, and failure to disclose a sexually transmitted disease.

She alleges Kelly abused her ”mentally, sexually and verbally,” and filmed her performing ”deviant and compromising” sex acts against her will.