R. Kelly Tells His Haters To “Shut Up” From Prison To Celebrate His 54th Birthday

R. Kelly

R. Kelly had some strong words for his haters as he faces a trial for making sex slaves out of young women. 

Disgraced singer R. Kelly managed to make a statement on social media to celebrate his 54th birthday. 

On Friday (January 8th), R Kelly took to Instagram to post a picture of himself draped in championship belts, along with a snippet of his 2011 song “Shut Up.”

The track was written before R. Kelly was charged with racketeering, for allegedly running a sex enterprise that exploited young girls and grown women too. 

Even though R. Kelly is facing hundreds of years in prison as he awaits trial this April, his choice of the music revealed much about the singer’s mentality. 


“After 22 years of a blessed career/Had me lying in my hospital bed crying mad tears/But just as I have many people hating me/Had so many people loving me/And lets not forget the hood around the world covering me/And to everybody that be calling me/Telling what they’ve been saying about me/Bringing me all of this negative s###, ya’ll the ones I ain’t f###### with”

The Chicago singer turned off the comments for the post, which is wrapped up 305,000 views over the last 48 hours.

R. Kelly’s trial is supposed to start on April 7th, while jurors to be selected over 10 days in mid-March. 

The jury would be anonymous and partially sequestered, explaining: “The government has established that empaneling an anonymous and partially sequestered jury is warranted.”