R. Kelly Allegedly Made Underage Girl Walk Another Teen Around On Dog Leash

R. Kelly

R. Kelly was accused of more unbelievable, outrageous behavior during his racketeering trial this week in New York. The singer is accused of treating a child like a dog!

R. Kelly’s trial continues to astonish anyone paying attention.

The most recent atrocity committed by the Chicago native involved a teenaged girl walking another underaged girl like a dog for kicks. Reluctantly, a witness named Alexis who is now 31 testified, “I walked a girl around on a leash. I put the collar on her and she was on her hands and knees and I was walking her.”

She shared that it was Kelly’s suggestion to demoralize the child. While she didn’t remember exactly how old she was when this happened, she did remember it was at his Olympia Fields, Ill. home’s garage.

This garage is the same room where another strange act was performed.

In the testimony from the witness John Doe, R. Kelly snapped his fingers three times and a naked girl emerged from under the boxing ring in the garage to perform felatio on the star in front of him.

Alex shared with the Brooklyn court that she met the “Bump N’ Grind” singer when she was 15-years-old in 2006. She attended his concert in Jacksonville, Florida.

She also shared that she was honest when she met him and shared her actual age. That did not seem to bother him at all. She shared that Kelly told her, “There’s nothing wrong with platonic friendship and if it turns into something over time then so be it.”

Something did come of their friendship, however, Alex could not remember if she started having sex with him after or before she turned 18. She did remember that when she first visited him at the age of 17, they didn’t have sex.

R. Kelly is on trial for sexually exploiting women, young girls, two males and organizing an entire operation to coordinate his activities — activities that included videotaping teens while having sex with them and of them performing degrading acts for not obeying him.