Raekwon Wants You To “Strap Up” To Actually Feel His New Album “The Wild”


(AllHipHop News) Raekwon is supporting the release of his forthcoming seventh album The Wild through a new partnership with SUBPAC, to launch a variety of custom audio technology that will allow listeners to feel the music – literally.

Rae’s new deal will enhance the listening experience of The Wild, by allowing users to physically s####### a vest and feel the sound waves generated by his new album.

According to SUBPAC Founder John Alexiou, fans can now be fully immersed in the legendary tales Raekwon is known for spinning throughout his 20-plus years as a member of The Wu-Tang Clan, and as an acclaimed solo artist.

“The sonic and lyrical impact of Raekwon’s music will now be felt throughout the body. Full physical immersion is the future of how music will be experienced.”

Once the technology is activated, users will feel as if they are right in the studio with Raekwon, according to Alexiou.

Only 15 units have been made and they will be hand-delivered to any fan lucky enough to snag one.

“We always bring you innovative new technology on the forefront,” said Raekwon. “I was happy to collaborate with SUBPAC to share my the seventh solo album experience The Wild.”

Raekwon’s highly album The Wild in dues in stores on March 24 via Ice H20/Empire.

Take a look at the tech below: