Rah Digga Addresses Her Iggy Azalea Is Not Hip Hop Statement; Discusses Possibly Recording With Other Female Rappers


(AllHipHop News) Earlier this year former Flipmode Squad emcee Rah Digga was not shy in sharing her feelings about Iggy Azalea. In September, Rah expressed that she did not consider Iggy Hip Hop and took issue with the Australian’s vocal style being similar to American rappers from the South.

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Rah was asked about the “Fancy” performer and the culture in general during a recent interview with BET. This time the Newark, New Jersey native elaborated on her thoughts about what is “real Hip Hop.” Digga said:

I don’t think that there’s one real sound that is real hip hop. I mean, that’s like a conundrum, you know. Like there’s no definite answer to what’s real hip hop. But I do feel that today, music business and hip hop culture are dramatically confused. And I say that because there are fundamentals that hip hop purists live and die by, whereas those same fundamentals don’t really apply in music business. Like music business will tell you, ‘Oh, it’s OK if you don’t write. All you gotta do is have a look and a catchy beat and a hook.’ And things like that.

But hip hop has a different set of rules. Hip hop says, ‘No, you’re supposed to write your own rhymes. You’re supposed to be authentic, you’re supposed to be original.’ Now, I wouldn’t say because you participate in the music business, you’re not hip hop. But when the music business starts anointing people with titles and giving people these hip hop accolades, you can’t be alarmed when the hip hop community has questions. … Hip hop isn’t about record sales and charting — that’s music business. Hip hop is about being the best lyricist and being true to yourself.

In part 2 of the conversation, Rah commented on whether she would be interested in creating music with Iggy as well as Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma. Digga said:

I mean, I would never say ‘never.’ I think me and Remy are very similar in terms of our street cadence. As far as Nicki and Iggy… musically, it would just have to make sense. … We usually have to be friends before we do songs, like we’ve broken bread or we’ve had some kind of vibing session. I rarely do songs with people I don’t know or never met before. Remy, I know. I’ve never met Nicki or Iggy personally, so I wouldn’t just have my handlers call their handlers out-of-the-blue and say, ‘Hey, you want to do a record?’ We would have to gel organically first, and then if that opportunity presented itself… [shrugs].”

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